Just another black outfit…but one that never run old. Throwback to Hong Kong 3 months ago where layering clothing was not an issue. Miss dressing in 2-3 layers feeling super cooling and comfortable. Weather has (always) been humid and erratic in Singapore and given we’re geographically situated one degree north from the equator, layering is not quite mentally and physically possible unless you’re in an air conditioned room all day or you’re miraculously able to brave the immense heat. I’m one with a very low tolerance of heat and I will always place priority in comfort over style – still happy to dress in simple clothing.

Well I guess, I’ll see you outerwears some time end of the year or when I get to travel somewhere cold again! (and hoping that will be sometime soon)

Uniqlo x G.V.G.V shirt dress, leather jacket borrowed from Lesley, Dr. Martens shoes, Katie Judith bag


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The lively culture of the city remains the same since my last visit in December 2011; bustling streets blended in with new high rise architectures, good food everywhere, bombarded by neon and rusty signboards, endless walking till our feet aches, living in a tiny apartment with metal sliding gate, preserved traditional chinese antiques, Cantonese conversations and the perfect weather one can ever ask for (only when you visit from October to February).
As part of a school trip, I am pleased to have had the opportunity to visit the office-museum of Goods of Desire (worked on a collaborative project for them last August), met lovely people at Shanghai Tangs, Lane Crawford, The Monocle and Hong Kong Design Institute. Truly an enriching and memorable trip with my classmates to mark the end of my 4 years in Lasalle. Sorting out these photos taken 2 months ago made me miss Hong Kong, I think I left my heart there.



Hello! I am not sure who’s still reading this space, thank you and hello for those who are! First off, I apologise for a one month hiatus on this blog (at least I’m still relatively active on Instagram). April was a blur, well because of the immense workload for my final major project, I couldn’t find time to do up a post at all… It was a daily battle, a final lap, I had to focus on that.
On a brighter note, I am back! Though there will be some preparation for the annual graduation show, school’s out until I decide to take up another degree, till then I’m no longer a student. It feels surreal; being accepted into Lasalle not being able to paint or sketch well, going through every semester smoothly. 4 years swept by, I’ve completed my Bachelor degree studies even before turning 21 (which I will be in October). Plans ahead are uncertain but I’m taking a step at a time, and allowing God to guide me, but now I just want to catch up with life and my family – doing things I can finally do after months, laze around and building a closer relationship with God.
For now, give me some time as I sort out documents and photos in my (super messy) laptop so that I can revive this space. I do have quite a number of plans during my break (of which, job searching is one of my task), so bear with me and check back soon!


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It has been almost a week since I have been back from Hong Kong, and I miss it already. Indeed, time flies when you’re having fun. Less than 2 months till I complete my degree studies, the time of the semester when workload is immense. I won’t be that consistent updating in this space for now, but I will likely be a lot more active on instagram – @jojoeylow.  

hong kong photo diary

I love travelling because I get to immerse myself in another culture and environment. Other than shopping the whole day, indulging in good food and squeezing with everyone else on the MTRs for this trip, I got to visit the small shops, morning wet market, olden day village, view the skyscrapers (which is very different from Singapore’s). Seeing what others do everyday be it young or old, look at the way they live, what they speak…was an eye opener. That’s what makes travelling so exciting. I always believe that even if the place is boring, there’ll always be something unique about it and more importantly, keeping memories of those places in my mind forever. There’re so many places I’d love to visit, its countless!
*I had actually scheduled this post to be posted a few days ago while I was away at Hainan Island but it appears that I had made a mistake to the settings hence it wasn’t posted at all. I’ve just returned home from my flight. I’m a little late but still, Merry Christmas everyone! There’re 12 days of Christmas isn’t it? Hope all of you had a great and blessed Christmas!