DIO(R)EVOLUTION is what I have been busy with on top of many other work matters. Half a year ago, Dior announced its new and first ever female Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri, whom has presented a very new look of Dior; young, fresh and cool are the 3 words I would describe her vision of Dior and femininity.

In celebration of this new look, Maria has selected Singapore to be one of the few cities in the world to conduct an exclusive Pop-up store to showcase this brand new Spring Summer 2017 collection. In addition, the Dior boutique in ION mall has been transformed to complement this collection. There are an array of gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous Ready to Wear, beautiful and interesting bags, shoes and accessories. (I want them all please!)

If you’re in town, do visit the Pop-up store and Dior boutique as it is not everyday Dior has such an animation. Only available for 2 weeks (it is less than 2 weeks by now), so go and visit!


DIOR POP-UP STORE                              

Now till March 22, 2017

ION Orchard Atrium, Level 1



ION Orchard, Level 2



While I studied a year of art and graduated from a somewhat art school, I am actually pretty bad in art, I neither draw nor paint well. There is a difference between art and design despite how intrinsically both are linked, and I would say my strength lies in the latter. I visited Art Stage, for the third time this year, albeit not able to understand most of the art works, I enjoyed the experience walking through row and rows of countless booths just appreciating art. My favourite works from Art Stage are still the ones by Hiroshi Senju (see first image), his works caught my eyes since the first time I chanced upon it. There’s this unspoken sense of calmness in his art; simple yet evokes so much emotions.



Talk about sweet surprise, here’s sending the very lovely and talented fashion illustrator, Grace Ciao a big THANK YOU for drawing a personalised illustration of myself along with sending this box of pretty flowers by Fleuriste. What a sweet way to chase my Monday blues away! Especially when my eyes were feeling quite sore from staring at excel sheets and numbers for the entire day, and also because I slept late the night before watching a Korean drama. Grace does extremely beautiful illustrations and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her for an event last year.

In celebration of Christmas and New Year in the last 3 weeks, I’m blessed to receive many other little gifts from my current and ex colleagues. Amidst the rat race at work, these little surprises really makes my day. So thanks for the love dear friends!

This sounds a little vain, but I can’t stop stealing glances at myself (in illustrated form) and the box of blooms time to time in between all the excels, emails and documents.








As I turned another year older, I cannot help but reinstate again and again how fast time flies. It felt not too long ago that I just celebrated my birthday on October 20 last year, and we’ve quickly caught up with the same day again this year. I am extremely thankful to be able to celebrate the week in the company of my love ones, church friends and colleagues. These visuals that I have put together pretty much encapsulate my birthday week.

It began with a surprise red velvet cake (still missing my 2014 birthday red velvet cake from The Dispensary, which has now closed its door for unknown reason #heartbroken), lunch and desserts with my fellow Diorettes in a Parisian-esque boutique cafe Antoinette, hearty juicy Korean bbq meat with the best company, waking up to fresh beautiful blue hydrangeas, baby’s breath and pink roses, healthy lunch alone at Poke Theory (note: it’s pronounced as po-keh), got my frizzy hair undergone some treatment, and finally had my first Hai Di Lao experience, and it was so good. The HDL staffs even sang me a birthday song in the crowded restaurant. The bulk of the day, I was glued to my phone replying every birthday messages on whatsapp and facebook. Thank you dear family and friends for your well wishes and kind words!

I have come to experience that birthdays are not just about cakes, receiving gifts or throwing a party. But to be thankful to God, family and the ones around you who love you. To spend quality time together doing things you enjoy (like eating non stop), because these are what really matters more.




The idea of having your own little website intrigued me a lot when I was 13 years old. I proceeded to hit the “create a blog” button without much hesitation, and I have been blogging since. Switching from blogspot to xanga to live journal to tumblr and back to blogspot for the last couple of years, and started out blogging as a digital diary to spill the daily happenings in Secondary school and occasional outburst of emotions, has turned into an avenue of sharing lifestyle content that I am passionate about.

So after years on blogspot and months of contemplation to move on to a different platform, I am pleased to share the launch of my little pet project therosebreaker with its own .com and a facelift.

I am not sure how therosebreaker will turn out to be in the next 10 years, but it has been and will always be close to my heart; one that I am willing to spend time and effort in out of my busy work schedule just to edit photographs, plan content and write. Thank you to those who have been silently reading my blog all these years, it means a million to me!

So see you on this side of the blogsophere, and I hope you will enjoy!