Right now as I’m battling against my final project this semester, I’m yearning to escape Singapore and travel somewhere. While taking a break today, I started looking back at past photographs on my past travels in recent years.

Here’s a niche selection to Tokyo, Xiamen Hakka village, 4500 ft up a mountain in Yunnan, mingling with goats in Malaysia, Beijing, visiting Avatar’s filming site, Hong Kong. Unfortunately I didn’t have nice scenic photos of other places I’ve been to like Seoul and Taiwan, because I wasn’t quite into photography and I couldn’t be bothered to photograph anything scenic. (seriously regretting I didn’t pick up the camera much earlier)

I don’t have much travel plans this coming school break, though. But I’m blessed I can get to travel these few years and I’m thankful. Can’t wait to travel again!



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These sums up my vacation to Yunnan in December. Despite the weather which was much colder than expected, it was a trip that really caught me in awe at the spectacular scenery, something which I don’t often get to see and experience such weather in Singapore. I’ve been in a cave, get close to a young yi zu girl, conquered shika snow mountain and tried donkey meat. Hope you enjoy the visuals I shot (and the ones my dad shot me), my idea as I photograph during this trip was to capture the essence of China or more specifically, the state I went. It is time to ‘clean’ up the blog to a more basic space.



I’ve found a staple in Fall/Winter – a black knit beanie. Rare to see me in a hat and many times, I feel winter beanies make me look bald. I managed to find this hat at Yunnan for only 25 rmb (Even my mom and sister bought the same one in different colours). I felt I needed it and its practical. Qualified in my “Fall/Winter staples list” together with a coat or scarf which are definitely necessities, this too should be in every girl’s winter wardrobe.




IMG_6653I just returned back from a getaway to Yunnan. Most people tend to visit more popular places and most would choose not to come to China but this time I visited China again, my 5th visit to different province. I appreciate China’s strong history and culture, and you got to agree with me it’s true. Truly an eye opener and a place I can escape from the daily buildings I see and fast paced society in Singapore (partly also an escape from the scorching sun here). But now, back to internship and school’s starting soon.


By the beach

Velvet shirt from Macau, UO tights
Blogging from school right now. This is my last outfit post for my trip to Hainan. A little too overdressed for the beach. I have been very uninspired lately, had been wearing an all black outfit for 5 consecutive days. Need to start searching for new inspirations to dressing up. Time to get back to lesson, Monday blues!