Before this becomes history, I think I’d better quickly get this up on the journal.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be an annual affair for my boyfriend and I since attending Singapore Night Festival for the first time last year. This year I was particularly interested in the Festival Village – well because it involved food, ice cream, music and fairy lights; a combination of these put together will never go wrong right?

Aside from the Festival Village, the Anooki light animation on National Museum was pretty impressive and adorable. Unfortunately, I did not get to visit every museum and exhibits, and missed most of the later performances because a sleep deprived person like me had to catch up on some rest over the weekend. Which exhibits or performances were your favourite?

I hope to see more of these festivals and carnivals in Singapore each year. Till 2016’s Night Fest!




It’s Night Festival 2 weekends ago, and following an annual tradition, I visited Night Fest again for the 3rd year. You can read up on my previous experience here – 2015 and 2014.

On the morning of that Friday, the ‘annual’ haze hits Singapore at a PSI level of over 200 and I thought “what a bummer” if we had to put off this year’s visit if the haze persists…But the skies and air did clear, so we managed to resume with the plan.

Without saying, the Festival Village is what I looked forward to (mostly because of the fairy lights hovering over the area), though I chose not to dine there this time because of the heat and crowd, but instead I got myself a jar of coconut shake to beat the heat. I personally felt this year’s Night Fest was a tad on the down side; there weren’t anything significant to remember or perhaps I was just too tired after a long week at work to enjoy the experience. Nonetheless, Night Fest is still an event worth looking forward to each year, so till we meet again in 2017!



image IMG_7356

I have stopped visiting fleas or even buy anything but Public Garden is sure different from typical fleas — it provides local entrepreneurs, craftsman, designers a platform to sell their works. Here’s 2 takeaways from last weekend’s Public Garden held at Chijmes in conjunction with Singapore Night Festival.

The Little Drom Store postcard, ThreeOneTwoFive quartz necklace




NOON-NOM – The name of this highly instagram-ed art installation at this year’s Singapore Night Festival. It was a room filled with what seemed like pastel pau (chinese buns) or if you think in the wrong way…it might look otherwise. Being at the night festival for the first time, I felt it was quite an exposure and it also enhances Singapore’s art and night scene. But I’m personally not a fan of the crowd, human jam and noise though.

On another note, it’s been 4 weeks into working life. I have not gotten use to working 9-6 (++). I’m particularly missing the slow morning, sleeping in, flexible schedule and the freedom to go wherever I’d like to. I think I sound quite whiney when it comes to talking about my work life, but many times failed to see it as a blessing and a humble beginning. Well, I’m still learning and always will. For now, I look forward to sleeping in this Saturday and anticipate for my vacation next month! #cantwait

Happy September!

Photos by N.