Fujin Tree 353 Cafe

富錦店 台北市松山區富錦街353號
353 Fujin Street, Taipei

The quaint Fujin street of Taipei City is tucked with cosy cafes and boutiques, and being quite an indecisive person, it was hard to decide which cafe to go for a cuppa and desserts after lunch and before dinner, but we eventually settled for Fujin Tree 353 Cafe.

I like the ambiance of the cafe; the details of the space are well designed and it fits well with the essence of the street. The cafe was full on a Saturday afternoon, so we were given an outdoor table which wasn’t too bad because it’s Spring, the weather was just perfect for us to stay outdoors. In Singapore, it is almost needless to say that we would naturally be vying for an indoor air-conditioned spot to escape the humidity of our sunny island.

We had coffee with their signature matcha roll which uses premium grade quality Morihan Kyoto Uji matcha powder; the roll is soft and rich in its green tea taste. I’m for anything matcha and enjoyed it very much! Coffee was pretty good, though a tad pricey (about SGD 7-9 a cuppa). I also learnt that the cafe owner, Berg Wu is the Y2014 Barista Champion of Taiwan, so it’s no surprise they place importance on their coffees – you can probably also tell from some of their wall decors. Like they say, “Good coffee inspires you” and this couldn’t be more true. So coffee lovers and looking for a place to chill, if you’re in Taipei, you should visit Fujin Tree 353 cafe for a cuppa to enjoy a slow, quiet afternoon and watch the world go by.


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